The GNDTSWL is explained herein and is recommended to serve progress in humanistic endeavors.




In recognition of the ever growing threats to humans by organized  stalking, surveillance, slander, assaults  (both physical and psychological) and assassination programs  by secret government and private agents & operatives, I hereby create for the general public good the following global organization:

Global Neighborhood Domestic Terrorist Suspect Watch List , i.e. the GNDTSWL.

The chief suspects, perpetrators and offenders are select members of fbi, cia,nsa,police,doj,and neighborhood watch thugs. I name many such criminals in thousands of reports online, such as "My Story In Detail ", etc.

Below is more information on the program which I create and wholeheartedly endorse for the benefit of society & humanity and especially to counter attacks on all individuals targeted for terror for any reason. I invite all right thinking persons who yet have not become infected with psychopathic tendencies to support this endeavor in the name of the people and all that is glorious and graceful in the universe Using some words from the thugs, assassins  and  terrorists in the employ of  fbi and Google, here are the goals of our registry:



To register and verify the addresses of homicidal psychopaths listed on the Global Neighborhood Domestic Terrorist Suspect Watch List  -GNDTSWL-, i.e., offenders who reside in states without a “minimally sufficient”  GNDTSWL program.  Today, all 50 states lack a  minimally sufficient GNDTSWL     program.



The  GNDTSWL helps keep you and your family safe by displaying recent crimes and psychopathic  offenders on an easy to view map that arms you with a better knowledge of  the domestic terrorists and killers in your neighborhood. The list includes judges, federal, state and local.


Thank you for cleaning out the filth that today causes ordinary citizens to become perpetrators alongside the terrible people who engage in the atrocities that GNDTSWL seeks to end.



Today: Trump exposes fbi as domestic terrorists.


Re: The GNDTSWL. Response from Ryan J. Bender

Ryan J. Bender sends me a dirty hate message in his response to the above post:


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