USA is a nation in freefall

 The dilemma facing man:



USA is on the brink of unstoppable descent to become the most monstrous government ever on earth.

What may a man do when the most powerful and corrupt agency of government, the fbi...


1) join with other murderous traitors & tyrants to overthrow the legitimate government

2) torture and defame citizens

3) use citizens in macabre, sickening human experiments that dogs and rats should not endure

4) usurp power over all branches and departments of government and all controlled, main street media so that no avenue exist for redress of  gross wrongs such as forced suicide and assassination

5) engage in horrendous character assassination of the few men and women who stand tall against the fools in power

6) maliciously and fraudulently label this combat veteran as a "murderer  & possible mass murderer " for service in defense of this nation

7) inflict injuries that threaten the lives of citizen-activists

8) punish the political Target 24/7/365 for life, using DEW & ELF (directed energy weaponry)

9) turn ordinary people hostile and aggressive toward the speaker of truth, some such hate mongers actually threatening to kill this citizen

10) forcing the Target to endure extreme psychological assaults designed to drive him/her insane, and using medical doctors to falsely label the victim of atrocities as mentally ill for reporting crimes against his person?


The fbi as I prove engages in all of the above crimes and now by overwhelming evidence also proves itself to be a den of traitors.


We the people must dismantle the rotten fbi and prosecute their Special Agents and operatives  and informants for heinous offenses including murders past and current.

Thank you.


Re: USA is a nation in freefall

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Re: USA is a nation in freefall

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