Stop All Crime

Stop All Crime


Imagine & vote for a world without crime.

This post suggests how to stop all crime, and such proposition requires only the vote of the citizens.

SEE the following paper and the data below:

We phase out all criminal statutes, federal/state/local. Included in the removal of laws are the penal and procedural laws and all executive orders pursuant thereto. The criminal justice system is abolished, including the secret cjs forged by fbi crazed miscreants.

We dismantle the fbi and their companion or subsidiaries such as USPI, SS, U.S. Marshal and IRS. All police at every level must be retrained and methodically disarmed. Criminal courts and prosecutors are no longer needed. Federal Magistrate judges must be removed from office.

All prisoners everywhere must be released in time, except for homicidal psychopaths, murderers, rapists, wife beaters and violent thugs. Prisons, jails and mental wards must be eradicated.

Plea bargains and indictments are redundant and are replaced with a civil code which requires total open government (tog).

*All civil errors are immediately reported by any victim and any offender. Honesty is rewarded by societal institutions designed to make whole and well every injured party and every wayward citizen.

Fear of prosecution would not exist because no prosecution be allowed.

The cost of the comprehensive humane civil assistance program (cap) is easily covered by the billions taken and saved from 1) Criminal Justice System Dismantling 2) fbi dismantling

3) Revision of tax laws 4) Increase taxes on persons and institutions who are filthy rich and whose coffers benefit most from the current enslavement of our fellow human beings.5) The reorganization of Congress whose members make the very laws which cause most of the social damage caused by our current police state.

Note: Character assassination is an error under cap.

Both cap and tog are expected to save billions over time and save humanity from the lunatics of fbi, et al, who enjoy killing and torturing us.

Now, let's study this plan, map out the theoretical possibilities and thereby achieve a new and healthy direction for the human species.

*Fbi torture programs using DEW/ELF, PSYOPS and stalking programs must be stopped and handled outside cap because cruelty, forced suicide & assassination are not errors, but are crimes against humanity.





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